Finding Romance

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Recommend reading this to either, “Table for Two” by Abel Korzeniowski, or “Opus 23” by Dustin O’halloran.” This first song is played with string instruments and sounds more dramatic than the second. The second one is done on the piano, has more of a consistent beat, and has slower softer parts to create emotion. To each their own.

~ Inspired by my dear friend Audrey ❤

A dream concievable through only the words of a poet

In a poem where words run deep and periods don’t exist

Lies a circadian rhythm with no end or limits

Here I think of you fondly and plenty

A hopeless romantic that was heart-stricken

For you are the most beautiful form of art I have ever written


I dream of you the way one writes to breathe

To smell the sweet air of seldom rain fall

Mild perfumes in warm mist I often recall

Heaven sent wet kisses to engulf my cheeks

Your fingers trickle down my spine

And in these grey billow clouds my heart shrieks


We are shadow puppets dancing after dark

Floating between empty spaces

Here I write our story on endless pages

A center stage to the embers of a ferocious fire

Sticks to strings with no bounds

Never to touch the ground


Distant voices in the darkness

My darling you are always just out of sight

Like two ships passing in the night

- Tavania T.

How I meant to put meaning to my words for this poem — as my poems are often interpreted differently by many.

I titled this poem “Finding Romance,” to allude to someone in search of “the one,” but the poem itself entails that they may only exist within the bounds of words and poetry.

The first verse describes “the one” as a dream present in a poem. And that it is only here, that the poet (you, the reader) may think of them so. Thus, I thought the last line “for you are the most beautiful form of art I have ever written,” would benefit as the last in this verse.

In the second verse, I attempt to personify the rain as the person — because again they don’t exist — from the wet kisses to the finger trickles. I started the verse off with “I dream of you the way on writes to breathe” to create emotion and to transition to the smell of the rain well. And the aromas that I tie to the “seldom (rare) rain” is to express almost what it is like to catch whiffs of your loved one in random places after spending so much time with them.

My third verse is there to expand on the dream’s concept of endless time. This relates to the first verse “In a poem where words run deep and periods don’t exist, lies a circadian rhythm with no end or limits.” In this third verse, I metaphorically describe living in the dream with a person as a play with no end to its story.

My final verse is there to capture the struggle in this search and represent a cut to reality. I started this verse with the line, “distant voices in the darkness,” which I felt was a good transition from the puppets because though the story was endless, the play can only go on as long as the embers last — now there is darkness.

The line “my darling you are always just out of sight,” describes the struggle of this search.” And the last line “like two ships passing in the night,” explains that in this search, you may meet “the one” once or twice by chance for a short time, but will not see each other again. Therefore, you cannot end the cycle of this dream and will continue meeting people once or twice again as this dream continues.



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